The Upper Mississippi Manufacturing Alliance recognizes that communication with students, parents, and educators of our region is important to share the wonderful career opportunities that are available in the manufacturing fields. For this reason, TUMMA’s largest and fastest-growing task force is our K-12 Taskforce working on exciting projects and events to bring exposure to manufacturing careers to students and parents!

2022 TUMMA K-12 Taskforce key areas

TUMMA members work with education leaders to develop communication and events to give first-hand exposure to the careers in manufacturing and the skills needed. Knowing the skills needed throughout a student’s K12 grades will give them a great advantage when entering higher education training and highly needed skilled trade positions.

Past events include facility tours, educator/TUMMA member gatherings at local high schools, Q&A with classrooms virtually, serving on high school panels, and working with education leaders on their development of new space in buildings that are being renovated and expanded.

Valuable Links
Advanced Manufacturing Pathway Info
TUMMA Member Facility Tours for K-12 – Fall 2021

TUMMA K-12 Taskforce 2023 Meeting Dates (Virtual Meetings)

February 9th              2pm to 3pm
April 20th                    2pm to 3pm
June 8th                      2pm to 3pm
August 10th                2pm to 3pm
September 14th        2pm to 3pm
October 12th                  2pm to 3pm
December 14th          2pm to 3pm

K12 Taskforce Meetings are on the second Thursday of February, April, June, August, September, October, & December unless notified in advance.   

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TUMMA’s mission is to build a strong manufacturing workforce of the future by uniting manufacturers, educators, and students.

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